Mission, Vision & Values

The Nordic Frugal Innovation Society is the world’s first non-profit to focus exclusively on Frugal Innovation. We are registered as an association in Finland since 2014.


It is our mission to reduce inequality via sustainable economic growth.

We will be a platform that provides timely knowledge, networks, frameworks and partnerships, in the broad field of Frugal Innovation, to policy makers, businesses and organizations in the public and private sector in the Nordic Countries and Emerging Markets.

We support initiatives and projects which:

  • advance creation of quality, affordable, accessible and sustainable solutions by working with Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Big Businesses and Policy Makers by advancing the knowledge available in the field, and/or creating useful outputs in the form of tools, methodologies, or programs that can be further used by the field of frugal innovations; and/or
  • advance the ability of frugal innovation practices, examples, innovations, etc. to be used in the public domain by citizens, governments, and the public at large via Circular economy, Sharing economy, Open innovation, Inclusive business, Social entrepreneurship, DIY/Maker Movement, Impact Investing and Co-creation processes.


By 2020, we want to be the organization that will have been an essential instrument for Frugal Innovation ideas and implementations in the Nordic Countries and Emerging Markets.


Innovation, Diversity, Responsibility, Sustainability and Integrity.