TNFIS Founders

  • We are passionate about Innovation.

  • Finland, Nordics and other EU countries are undergoing a difficult period in their economic growth. There are questions being asked if we are entering a new era where Low / Jobless Growth, increasing Rich-Poor divide, deleveraging in both public and private Sector and rapidly ageing societies is the new baseline.

    On the other hand, there have been programs being launched to promote wiser use of resources and reduce environmental harm, in cooperation with local residents, companies and organisations. We want to encourage such strategies from policy makers and also educate and motivate Entrepreneurs, Students, SMEs, R&D Organisations, Universities and Big businesses to embrace Frugal Innovation in all it’s forms.

    We are working towards making Frugal Innovation a top priority in Finland and the Nordics.

Meet Our Founders & Board

  • Venkata Gandikota

    — Founder & President
    — Email: venkata at tnfis dot org

    Venkata has more than 15 years of technical engineering, research, ideation, strategy and business modeling experience. Based on his experience with the Indian market and realizing also the need for affordable & sustainable solutions for Finland and other developed economies, he started The Nordic Frugal Innovation Society in late 2013 with his colleagues. By organizing ideation workshops and 2 major conferences involving Cities, Universities, and businesses he started to mainstream the concept in Finland and the Nordics. Gandikota has also written several articles focusing on frugal innovations in the Finnish media. He has also been helping Finnish businesses in India as CEO of Indianeer Consulting and gives guest lectures at JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä. He has a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from India and a Masters in Environmental Engineering from USA.

  • Antti Öhrling

    — Co-Founder & Vice-President
    — Email: antti at tnfis dot org

    Antti is a serial entrepreneur who combines creativity with strategy with previous experience as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Jolla/Sailfish and country director of India for Rovio Entertainment/Angry Birds, . Though he has 20 international patents to his name, Antti’s forte is business and not technology. Antti has worked in the FMCG, retail and wholesale, media, advertising and IT and telecommunication industries. Antti co-founded Blyk, the first and original ad-funded mobile network, in 2005. He was the CEO of Blyk UK and then the Chairman of Blyk Media India until April 2012. Prior to Blyk, Antti founded Contra Advertising Group, an international advertising group operating in three continents, now part of Touch Worldwide. He is currently the Chairman of Contra China, based in Beijing. Through his consultancy, Ohrling Ltd, Antti guides companies through market entries and re-positioning exercises mainly in the Asia region. He is also a board member of IFBF (Indo-Finnish Business Forum based in New Delhi) and a Fellow at RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce), UK.

  • Jukka Kallioinen

    — Co-Founder & CFO
    — Email: jukka at tnfis dot org

    Since 2005, as CEO of JrockyCo, Jukka has been providing independent professional services for global and SMB companies in product life cycle management (PLM) that includes product life cycle and process expertise, packaged services and leading PLM solutions. Before this current work, he has worked for 15 years at Metso Paper as a corporate PLM Manager and engineering development manager.He is the Editor-in-Chief of Valokynä-lehti and one of the Board of Directors for CAD/CAM Yhdistys ry

  • Heidi Alatalo

    — Secretary & Board Member
    — Email: heidi at tnfis dot org

    Heidi has Master’s degree in Social Science majoring in International Relations from the University of Lapland. In 2014 she started her PhD studies specializing to explore development cooperation, especially in the context of Africa. Heidi’s background and work experience is in development cooperation rather than business, but now she is focusing on the idea of win-win cooperation and doing business in responsible ways. At the same time, she believes co-creation via partnership could achieve good development impacts in developing countries as well as in developed countries. Heidi is interested in themes such as inclusive business, innovation, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and new sustainable business models. New kind of cooperation and networks within different actors such as NGOs, companies and local people could give good opportunities for creativeness and lead to innovative solutions that are relevant, sustainable, reasonably priced and accessible, and serve their purpose.