A New Year Gift – Free TNFIS Individual Membership


For a limited time only……. to all our new individual members enrolling between January 1st and 30th April 2015, we are going to give you a Free 2015 Annual Membership which is worth 25 Euros.





  • A free TNFIS yearbook.
  • Members will get 40% off on event fees. Some events could be free (eg: coffee events) and some events might cost something (2 day events that include pitching contests).
  • Members can get directly solicit the TNFIS co-ordinator regarding Frugal Innovation queries and we will promptly point them to the right person or organisation or resource
  • Businesses will have their names and logos published on the website and in the TNFIS yearbook.
  • Businesses who are members can get 25% discount on ads in TNFIS yearbook.
  • Long term strategic partners and Sponsors on the other hand have both the above options stated for businesses as well as they shall have more publicity with their name associated with a particular event or project and will be prominently displayed in those places.

One More Thing!

We will be giving out 2 copies of the book Jugaad Innovation to 2 lucky winners we will randomly select of all the new enrolees every month between January and April 2015.